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Who we are

      We are locals. We grew up in the lowcountry, and many of you are our friends and family, coworkers, former fellow students. We have a reputation on the line. Every customer, every review, every referral, is important to us, and to the success of our business.

      With quality parts, and a lifetime warranty to back it up, you don't have to worry. Don't have time to take your phone to a shop? Tell us when and where you want the repair done, and we come to you! With prices 30% lower on average than the big franchises, you can know you are getting the best value for your money.

      Having your repair done with us means you have the control. Do it on your time, where you need it done, for the fairest price you will find. We believe in a different, better kind of phone repair business. Where other phone repair businesses don't want you to know how much they profit, we break down exactly what you are paying for.

      We have over 10 years of experience in the phone repair industry, and in all that time, we have seen the best and the worst on offer. Let us show you how easy and honest it can and should be.

What we can do for you



Smartphone Repairs

We repair most smartphones, including iPhones and Samsung phones. We charge part cost +$50 for the vast majority of screen replacements, and part cost +$30 for small parts replacements like speaker, battery, camera, and charge port.

A Boy and His Tablet Device

Tablet Repairs

We repair iPads, Samsung Galaxy tablets, and many others. Battery dying? Screen cracked? Having to wrap your cable around the device and sit a brick on it to get it to charge? Most tablet repairs are part cost +$50.

Open Laptop

Computer Repair

We can repair software and hardware, and find solutions for your computer. Most computer repairs are part cost +$50, and require specialty ordering, which typically takes 3 business days. Some computer repairs may require us picking up and dropping off your computer.

Consultation Services


If your phone, tablet, or computer died today (in the permanent way), would you lose all your pictures, contacts, documents, etc? Do you have a business that relies on that information? Let us protect you from data loss by backing your data up and setting you up for future backups.

Factory Resets

Is your device buggy and slow? A factory reset will likely resolve that, and we can do it for you.

Smart Home Setup

Got a Google Home, Alexa, a smart bulb, or smart door lock, and cant make heads or tails of how it works? Let us come to your home and help you. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in most smart home technology.

New Device Setup

Just bought a new phone and cant make heads or tails of it? Let us come to you and help you figure it out with a consultation!

Network Setup

Is your internet slow? Just moved and setting up your internet? Don't know the difference between WPA and TKIP wireless security? We can help you by setting up and securing your network, getting you online and safe in no time.

Business Hours

Mon - Sat: 11am - 6pm
Sun: Closed

Locations Serviced


Mt. Pleasant



West Ashley

North Charleston

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