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Raffle for 50% off coupon!

On 7/4 one winner will be randomly selected to receive one 50% off coupon that can be redeemed at any time in the month of July, and can be put toward the purchase of one phone repair. In the event that the part cost exceeds 50% of the entire regular repair cost, the discount will go toward the labor, and part cost will need to be paid in full to redeem the coupon.

Only 1 entry per person, and the winner will be required to show their ID that corresponds with the name given in this form.

Family of employees are not allowed to enter, and you have our word that no preference will be shown in the result. You have the exact same chance of winning as anybody else who enters.

At 6pm on July 4th, we will live-stream the drawing on facebook! Good luck to everybody who enters, and thanks for participating!

Click here to enter!

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